Important Ways of Staging a Unity Sand Ceremony

No one hates weddings and when it has some additional flavors for making it more interesting; everyone is attracted to it and has something to thank the guests for. The unity sand wedding is one of the types of the wedding that everyone likes to attend. This sweet wedding custom is a type of unity ceremony that signifies the joining of the bride and the groom. What is needed is an ornamental glass jar, a table, and some shaded sand.

Diversified colored craft sand is used to conduct the ceremony with everybody taking in turns to pour their sand into a glass container. The various sands serve to form a layered effect thus representing both the unity as well as the individuality of the participants. In most instances, it is only the pair contributors, but some people like to comprise the entire family unit. The service can be extended to comprise the couple’s kids, parents, and comprehensive family members to articulate the accord of the two families becoming one.

Even though this kind of party is not a new idea, it has amazingly become very popular in recent years as a lot of people tend to explore non-customary rituals. The origins of the ceremony still remain unclear but it is generally believed that is started by the Hawaiians who started the ceremony as by means of the couples scooping the sand from around their feet with the seashells and then dispensing it into a shared vessel. If you have been willing to learn how this kind of wedding ceremony is conducted, discussed below are some of the important steps that are undertaken.

A table is provided at the place where the couple is going to exchange their vows with a clear glass container provided in the center.

Two smaller vases containing the variously shaded sands are put on either side of the major vase.
The couple or rather family members they are required to take turns in pouring the colored sand from their individual vases to bring out the layered effect.

At the very end or climax of the ceremony, the participants are going to pour the remainder of the sand into the vase that is situated at the center and also at the same time so that the colors are combined and cannot be separated. Another thing that is done is that there is citing of a poem or a reading to mark the end of the party.

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